Silver Water!

Silver Water… Discover the incredible Antibiotic Properties!

The super-mineral known as Colloidal Silver has been known to cure bacteria, viruses and parasites! Silver Water is a non-toxic, safe and a strong antibiotic that can kill germs and bacteria by clinging on to them and breaking them down.


How does it work? When the positive silver ions connect to the negatively charged diseased cells in our bodies, they attach themselves and basically suffocate the bacteria. The dead diseased cells are then carried out of our bodies by our lymphatic and natural elimination systems.

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Silver Water is safe, non-toxic and a NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC!

In the late 19th century, American pioneers would place a silver coin in their buckets of milk to provide an extra week of shelf-life before the milk spoiled. That same idea was built upon and corrected until the modern day silver water appeared.


Silver water is colloidal silver suspended in E-crystal, purified, and energized water. When properly made, this water can create astounding effects on the human body. It has been said to slow down cancer, prevent the common cold, flu and swine flu. Colloidal silver is even recommended for pregnant women to take during pregnancy to help the unborn baby grow healthily and aid in the delivery and recovery process for the mother.

Colloidal silver is recognized as the most universal antibiotic material. The silver particles attach to and destroy pathogens, fungi, bacterium, virus and free radicals. Healthy tissue is completely unaffected and best of all Silver Water has no effect on other drugs or supplements you might be taking!

What Can Colloidal Silver Do?


While nothing can substitute advice from your Doctor here are some common applications that our customers use Silver Water for!


Preventive Care

  • Once or twice a day hold 1-2 Ounces of Silver Water in your mouth then swallow slowly. This will supply your body with a secondary immune system to fight vulnerability to viruses, molds, and bacterial.


If Already Feeling Sick

  • Within 45 minutes of each other drink 1-2 ounces of Silver Water. Hold the Silver Water in your mouth for about a minute and then swallow slowly. Keeping the Silver Water in your mouth allows for what is called sublingual administration, which allows the nanoparticles to get to work faster. The effects of the ionic binding will start to tapper off after about 40 minutes, the second dosage is critical to insure 100% of the pathogens in your body are eliminated.


First Aid

  • Using a small mist bottle spray afflicted areas such as:
    • Cuts
    • Scrapes
    • Acne
    • Burns
    • Infections (Yeast Infections)
  • If you don’t have a mist bottle simply dabble your Silver Water solution on cotton pad and apply to the affected area



  • Silver Water can be used as a disinfectant to clean fruits, vegetables or even questionable drinking water.
  • Use it to disinfect common household surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria and Viruses
Silver Water, Colloidal silver, nanoparticles, Colloidal silver water, nanosilver products, silver nanoparticles antibacterial